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Facebook Chat Follow-Up: Answers to Questions on Pregnancy and Early Parenthood

by Rosie Pope, Myrandele Damian-Coleman, M.D., and Sherry Sakowitz-Sukkar, M.D., Valley Medical Group.

Posted on October 9, 2015

Rosie Pope, motherhood guru, TV personality and proud mother of four joined Dr. Myrandele Damian-Coleman, an ob-gyn, and Dr. Sherry Sakowitz-Sukkar, a pediatrician, from The Valley Hospital and Valley Medical Group for a live Facebook Q&A on Thursday, Sept. 17, to answer questions about pregnancy, birth plans, labor and delivery, healthy diets for children, nursing, newborn care and more. In case you missed the full Facebook Q&A, you can catch up with it here. It was such a lively chat that the experts couldn’t get to all the questions during the hour allotted. Here we provide answers to the questions that they couldn’t get to.

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Having Problems Becoming Pregnant? It May Be More than Bad Timing

by Ali Nasseri, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director, The Valley Hospital Fertility Center

Posted on October 14, 2014

As a physician specializing in the treatment of infertility, one of the first questions I ask couples seeking to become pregnant is how long they have been having unprotected intercourse. The answer is usually a in the form of “for about ….months, but really trying for only… months”.  What most couples do not realize is that they should not have to “try” to achieve a pregnancy.  
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